DD Grand Slam+

DD Grand Slam+ This tennis court from Desso DLW Sports Systems has natural talent! Abrupt stops, sudden sprints and powerful passing shots are no problem on this court's stable, high-traction surface.

Thanks to its advanced fibre technology and perfected construction, a DD Grand Slam + court is extremely durable and requires little maintenance. The court surface won't rub off on shoes or clothing and is easy to install - even on an existing sub base.

DD Grand Slam + provides the very best playing characteristics in any situation and can be played on all year round.

Technical specifications (*)
Description Reference Specification
Production method DIN 61151 Tufted (straight), cutpile
Pile component DIN 61151 DD Crown, straight non-fibrillating fibre (8 monofilaments each 120µ thickness), 100% polyolefin blockcopolymer, UV resistant, 8800 dtex
Coating / secondary backing DIN 61151 Waterpervious SBR latex
Primary backing DIN 61151 100% polypropylene woven
Pile height above backing
16 mm