DD Forte Tennis

DD Forte Tennis DD Forte Tennis courts offer the perfect base for a carefree game of tennis - at any level and at any time! The courts are user-friendly and can be used all year round. The wear-resistant, dirt-repellent surface texture keeps the courts looking great even after years of intensive use. Compared to gravel or natural grass, DD Forte Tennis courts require little maintenance.

Technical specifications (*)
Description Reference Specification
Production method DIN 61151 Tufted (sliding), cutpile
Pile component DIN 61151 S Forte yarn, straight fibrillated fibre, 100% polypropylene, UV resistant, 8800 dtex, thickness 65µ
Coating / secondary backing DIN 61151 Waterpervious SBR latex
Primary backing DIN 61151 100% polypropylene woven
Pile height above backing
20 mm