DD Forte Multi 2319

DD Forte Multi 2319 DD Forte Multi is the most affordable product manufactured using the DD Forte yarn. This unique 8800 dtex fibrillated fibre allows for hockey, tennis, soccer and athletics to be played on the multi-purpose playing surface. DD Forte Multi is especially suitable for school & community purposes where affordability and good sports-functional characteristics go hand in hand.

Technical specifications (*)
Description Reference Specification
Production method DIN 61151 Tufted (sliding), cutpile
Pile component DIN 61151 S Forte yarn, straight fibrillated fibre, 100% polypropylene, UV resistant, 8800 dtex, 65µ thickness
Coating / secondary backing DIN 61151 Waterpervious SBR latex
Primary backing DIN 61151 100% polypropylene woven
Pile height above backing
23 mm