DD Soccrilan

DD Soccrilan On a DD Soccrilan pitch, matches and training can take place under almost all conditions, while the maintenance costs are substantially lower than for natural grass. DD Soccrilan is ideal for use as a practice pitch, for adults and for children. In addition, the robust character of this system allows for it to be used for other events, sporting or non-sporting. DD Soccrilan needs a sand-infill for stability. The system requires appropriate footwear and keepers may want to wear tracksuit bottoms.

DD Soccrilan is an artificial grass pitch, made from a curled DD Crown fibre. This advanced fibre, which has been successfully used for more than 10 years, does not split and keeps the sand loose. The DD Crown fibre has been thoroughly tested to make sure it is geared to meet players' requirements.

To keep the pitch in perfect condition, it only has to be brushed from time to time.

Technical specifications (*)
Description Reference Specification
Production method DIN 61151 Tufted (sliding), cutpile
Pile component DIN 61151 DD Crown, curled non-fibrillating fibre (8 monofilaments each 120µ thickness), 100% polyolefin blockcopolymer, UV resistant, 8800 dtex
Coating / secondary backing DIN 61151 Waterpervious SBR latex
Primary backing DIN 61151 100% polypropylene woven + fleece
Pile height above backing
33 mm