DD SoccerGrass 3/8

DD SoccerGrass 3/8 DD SoccerGrass 3/8 is the result of several years of research. It combines the most durable (non-fibrillating) and advanced fibre - DD Crown - with a crimped structure, tufted into a porous and stable backing. The length of the fibre and the open stitch pattern allow a special sand and rubber mix to be brushed in.

DD SoccerGrass 3/8 will provide a state of the art soccer pitch, physically safe and sound, and a surface with guaranteed long-term performance. Training and coaching are always carried out in perfect conditions.

DD SoccerGrass 3/8 reduces the risk of injury, can be used year round indoors and outdoors, does not need an expensive expensive asphalt base topped with a variable rubber shockpad (although a rubber shockpad can be installed to get even better shock absorption) and requires minimal maintenance.

Technical specifications (*)
Description Reference Specification
Production method DIN 61151 Tufted (straight), cutpile
Pile component DIN 61151 DD Crown, curled non-fibrillating fibre (8 monofilaments each 120µ thickness), 100% polyolefin blockcopolymer, UV resistant, 8800 dtex
Coating / secondary backing DIN 61151 Waterpervious SBR latex
Primary backing DIN 61151 100% polypropylene woven + fleece
Pile height above backing
42 mm